About Julia

Award-winning pencil artist, Julia Leigh Miller's master works are proudly displayed in private homes and resorts from Australia to Texas ....Pennsylvania to Los Angeles, and are individually recognized as some of the finest of their kind in private hands. Julia's dynamic earthy flair for capturing the soul of her subjects is a rare visual pleasure seldom encountered in the relatively uncomplicated medium of pencil on paper.

Horses, dogs, cowboys, all of nature, expressed with intricate simplicity, achieve a powerful realism that springs honestly from the artist's background and life experience. Born in 1961, the daughter of a veterinarian, and raised in the small west Texas town of Ballinger, Julia grew up riding horses, herding cattle, hauling hay, repairing fences, and developing a healthy respect for hard work as well as a deep love for the animals with whom she shared her rustic environment.

Attending college on an athletic scholarship and subsequently graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Animal Science, Julia followed her childhood dream to become an actress, and in 1990 moved to Los Angeles. Through hard study of her craft, and possessing a wholesome, attractive, girl-next-door "look", Julia was able to realize a measure of her dream and has enjoyed a successful career working in television, film, and commercials.

Although a theatrical career has been a huge part of her life, she recently decided to leave the big city behind and set out for new adventures and a quieter life with Lucy by her side. And wherever the two of them may roam, you can be certain that Julia will translate the beauty that nature has to offer into many wonderful additions to her body of work.

Julia's ability to express her gifts as an artist has been a source of joy and inspiration to her patrons. Although it's been said that "Art" is the heart of the artist, sometimes the "words" of the artist help us to see the heart, as well:

"I've always felt that I'm being led wherever
I'm supposed to go. I may not understand it at
the time, but I feel I am here on this earth for a
reason. Sometimes the road gets really rocky,
but when I look back and see the paths that I have
traveled, I smile and I trust that He who guides me
knows where He wants me to be. I am happiest
when I'm following my heart....I guess we all are."

~Julia Leigh Miller

Love, Lucy ink
Ballinger, Texas

phone: (325) 895-1404


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